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July 18, 2014

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I can’t say no to Garfield and the love for this orange fat cat would challenge fat me to wear a crop top for the first time ever last week.



If it weren’t for POC fashion bloggers and/or selfie loving tumblrs challenging what we deem as “acceptible” on fat bodies, I would have never thought that I could do this. People like Gabi Fresh, Fat Shopaholic/Tiffany, Marfmellow (NSFW) and Caleb (NSFW), to name a few.


Your friends and family love you and will tell you it’s ok and that you’re beautiful but the mall doesn’t carry your size and plus sizes are designed to make sure you hide.


And I did hide for a very long time. I got really good at it.


This crop top doesn’t let me hide, it’s a big bright neon sign. I’d recommend it if you want to disrupt spaces.


But you know what? It really sucks that your body is disruptive in this way; that you are mostly ignored or judged. I know that I would have never done this a year ago and I’d have to be having a pretty good day to do it again.


There were [email protected]@KS—positive or not, it’s something to get used to for sure. But look at Garfield eat that sandwich with his belly out ~GOALS~ getting closer.


Thanks to @talyalee for the lipstick recommendation (MAC’s Russian Red!) and for your general lunar vibes.

Crop top + glasses: Philistine
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Converse from Gravity Pope Toronto

Look at my photographer tho:


Vivek Shraya by Karen Campos
Karen Campos by Vivek Shraya



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