Galentine’s 2016

This is the 4th year I’ve been lucky enough to design queer valentine’s for George Brown College’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Human Rights. I work with collaborator boo Vivek Shraya to come up with fresh ideas every year. We decided from early on that it was an impossible task to name every identity within LGBTQIA2S and beyond. Instead we try to focus on positive quotes, playful ideas and pop culture references that offer options beyond a rainbow (Although there have been rainbows. Rainbows are nice.)

Have a look at this year’s batch.

If you really like em, you can download them here on Google Drive. Print them, cut them and enjoy.


All Vivek’s idea tbh.

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Another One: 2015 Reviewed


Your favourite Heartbeats’ editors have compiled a list of stuff that made 2015 bearable. We are so excited to also share year-end faves from some our friends and HDB alumni. Hope you enjoy this as much as we do. More melanin coming to ya in the new year.

Love, KC & VS

(spotify coming soon sowee)

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for still tuning in. This site is run by a depressive which means enthusiasm can wane and motivation can completely disappear. This year has been one of those and I have been lucky enough to have the support and the means to get some extra help along the way. I think it says a lot that I want to return to this space when I am able to do so—I like it here and I believe. In the spirit of thanks, I’m also so grateful for Vivek Shraya; she’s been holding down the site with a lot of care and passion during my hiatus.

There are a lot of ideas floating around and I hope to make some happen while goddess gives me the energy. In the meantime, enjoy some fall looks from VS and KCC.

I’ve taught myself to braid my own hair. It only took forever!


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Topping 2014

Vivek and me looking back on 2014 with our faves.


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starbux lovers

This was actually such a difficult shoot to do. We were under time restraints since my photoboo, Vivek, is touring tons — check out info on the US tour here. It also winter now (kind of) with plenty of darkness. We work really hard to get the best photographs but in the end, neither of us has extensive training. And daylight has been our friend.


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Are we in the clear yet?

It’s been a while since we’ve done an outfit. Summer was busy for me. I had to prepare for a real life show about this very site. You can find a bit of info about that here. Can’t lie; there was a bit of pressure to follow up Garfield too. Then I decided I couldn’t.


Last shorts of the year.

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heartbeats: the exhibit

I had the chance to translate the concept of this website into an art exhibit in my hometown of Edmonton.  I called it #flawlessyeg; a nod to the Queen and YEG (Edmonton).

Here’s my statement:

self-love and other attempts by karen campos castillo

HEART-BEATS.CA began talking about clothing and fashion in 2013 as a way to also discuss bodies seldom represented in popular culture and online communities; bodies that are fat, bodies that are brown and bodies that are queer—bodies like my own. #flawlessyeg is heartbeats IRL—showcasing our bodies, hoping to find true love in the next selfie.

Big thanks to Chelsea and the Drawing Room for hosting me. I would also like to acknowledge Vivid Print and Sign Works in Edmonton for producing the best quality materials for me.

Here’s what the show looked like:


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Trying my best to luv u

I can’t say no to Garfield and the love for this orange fat cat would challenge fat me to wear a crop top for the first time ever last week.


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Happy Birthday 2 Me

It hasn’t ever really felt right to call myself a fashion blogger. I still have so much to figure out about my body, I still have so much comfort to find. I also don’t know how to accessorize and there are so many people out there doing it so fucking well. My friend Una said it best recently; she said fashion was my entry point to talk about other things.

I liked that.

The other things like fat, race, gender, sexuality, class and yeah, outfits.

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Sitting up in my room

A post about winter to appease that cold bitch.


The bat sleeve on this Spiewak jacket was all this fat girl ever needed in a jacket. It seriously opened up a world beyond shapeless puffy things I’ve worn all my life. Almost made me look forward to winter. Almost.

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