Happy Birthday 2 Me

June 5, 2014

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It hasn’t ever really felt right to call myself a fashion blogger. I still have so much to figure out about my body, I still have so much comfort to find. I also don’t know how to accessorize and there are so many people out there doing it so fucking well. My friend Una said it best recently; she said fashion was my entry point to talk about other things.

I liked that.

The other things like fat, race, gender, sexuality, class and yeah, outfits.

It’s been a year and I want to keep talking. I’m thankful to the visitors of this space despite the infrequency. Real life gets in the way, yes, but it’s also a lot of time and care to do the things you love. And I do love this. I love photographing amazing people I know and I love learning all about the ones that I don’t. I would take pictures of all you if I could.

Big thanks to everyone who has let me do just that: Berlin, Jackie, Talya, Emanuel, Casey, Chantal, Cato, Jenni, Farrah, Tami, Sammy, Aneela and Dainty.

A very special thank you to my platonic life partner, Katherine Friesen, for being a constant shopping partner and supporter, and for saying “The world doesn’t need another white fashion blogger. You need to do this.”


^^The note Katherine left for me as encouragement. Still on my desk today.

And finally, my boo and photographer, Vivek. Not only does he take all the pictures of me for the blog but he also let me tag along to New York and made me a video to celebrate Heartbeats’ birthday. Cannot thank you enough for the moral support and making me look good so often/always.

Watch it below. With special appearances by Gerardo and Kay!

One year of Heartbeats from karen campos on Vimeo.



Karen Campos

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  • June 6, 2014 by Shelley


    What a great video-beautiful stuff! keep it up.

    • June 19, 2014 by heartdashbeats


      Thank you, Shelley!

  • June 19, 2014 by Liza May

    Liza May

    Here I sit, in perpetual awe of you.

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