Ultralight Beam: Kim Katrin Milan

March 8, 2016

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Kim 8

Photos and interview by Vivek Shraya.

A few years ago, after finishing an event in Hamilton with Elisha Lim and Kim Katrin Milan, we shared a riveting drive back to Toronto. We gossiped, we vented and we revelled in each other’s company. When we reached Kim’s place and she left the car, I said out loud, “There goes the light of the world.”

Kim is indeed a light, a beacon. Years prior, after hearing her read her writing to a packed room in at the Gladstone Hotel, I left feeling a greater commitment to my own writing. This is Kim’s gift. She ignites. What is almost as incredible as witnessing her speak is watching a crowd as she speaks—the voracious head nodding and snapping, and the deep sighs and the tears—it’s like watching fire spread.

Listen to her brilliance.

Kim 6 Kim 5 Kim 7Kim 1Kim 3

Photos and interview by Vivek Shraya.



Vivek Shraya

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