Retreat from the Sun

IMG_9530 It’s official: this year has been terrible. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a year ending like I am with 2015. Are there good years as you get older? The stakes are far bigger and your bones tend to ache more. I guess I’ll let you know someday.

Remember back when things felt kind of boring and repetitive and you were waiting for some sort of excitement? You should have enjoyed that—boring is good, boring is peaceful.

Now I know.

It’s a bit gloomy in here and Vivek took some pictures. Less gloomy posts coming up I PROMISE. Warning: No Vivek pics this time SOWEEEEEE.

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starbux lovers

This was actually such a difficult shoot to do. We were under time restraints since my photoboo, Vivek, is touring tons — check out info on the US tour here. It also winter now (kind of) with plenty of darkness. We work really hard to get the best photographs but in the end, neither of us has extensive training. And daylight has been our friend.


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Thank U, India

We got to see what Vivek brought back from India but he was sweet enough to bring me back a few things and we documented me on that streetcar on a lovely Saturday afternoon in Toronto.

IMG_5214The pants! Oh and my hair has grown out enough to BRAID. Just don’t call them pigtails please.

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Sitting up in my room

A post about winter to appease that cold bitch.


The bat sleeve on this Spiewak jacket was all this fat girl ever needed in a jacket. It seriously opened up a world beyond shapeless puffy things I’ve worn all my life. Almost made me look forward to winter. Almost.

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So we’ve been busy finding beauties and taking pictures. On our last shoot at Allan Gardens, we decided to take the opportunity to take pictures of me since I was already there and dressed. I love multi-tasking.


All photos by Vivek Shraya

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