Are we in the clear yet?

It’s been a while since we’ve done an outfit. Summer was busy for me. I had to prepare for a real life show about this very site. You can find a bit of info about that here. Can’t lie; there was a bit of pressure to follow up Garfield too. Then I decided I couldn’t.


Last shorts of the year.

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heartbeats: the exhibit

I had the chance to translate the concept of this website into an art exhibit in my hometown of Edmonton.  I called it #flawlessyeg; a nod to the Queen and YEG (Edmonton).

Here’s my statement:

self-love and other attempts by karen campos castillo

HEART-BEATS.CA began talking about clothing and fashion in 2013 as a way to also discuss bodies seldom represented in popular culture and online communities; bodies that are fat, bodies that are brown and bodies that are queer—bodies like my own. #flawlessyeg is heartbeats IRL—showcasing our bodies, hoping to find true love in the next selfie.

Big thanks to Chelsea and the Drawing Room for hosting me. I would also like to acknowledge Vivid Print and Sign Works in Edmonton for producing the best quality materials for me.

Here’s what the show looked like:


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Trying my best to luv u

I can’t say no to Garfield and the love for this orange fat cat would challenge fat me to wear a crop top for the first time ever last week.


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La Copa Ends

It’s no secret that Colombia’s James Rodriguez won my heart, arguably the biggest prize. I was moved enough by his spirit, talent and face to actually draw him.


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La Copa – All the feelings

Today Colombia plays Brazil in the quarter finals and I am scared. SCARED.

But first: Oh Mexico…BRUH. The team had been doing great until they faced off with the Netherlands last week (Where is that even? It looks pasty). The big story was Mexico’s last minute substitute, Guillermo Ochoa, making all the saves and having great curly hair.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.37.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.38.29 PM

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July First

Day off for everyone so we ate cake and tried to spell out Boobs in lights.

one spark
one spark

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La Copa – A week later, I think

So it’s been over week now of futbol and it was obviously ambitious to think I could blog every day about it but whatever, here’s some damn fine reporting via me.

One of the biggest stories is that 2010 Champions, Spain, was eliminated pretty much immediately. I have complicated feelings about Spain. Mostly I wonder if Canadian First Nations look at white people and think “Oh your people colonized mine” because that’s what I think when I look at the Spanish. So it’s odd to cheer for them but they are undeniably handsome with a good looking jersey.

IMG_4817(From my sticker book obviously.)

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Thank U, India

We got to see what Vivek brought back from India but he was sweet enough to bring me back a few things and we documented me on that streetcar on a lovely Saturday afternoon in Toronto.

IMG_5214The pants! Oh and my hair has grown out enough to BRAID. Just don’t call them pigtails please.

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La Copa – Day 1

Maybe it’s the result of being away from the homeland of El Salvador and the home town of Edmonton where my familia lives but I’m so into the World Cup and I want to talk about it. And yes, I am aware of the complexities happening here. Yup.

I think it also makes me feel closer to my sisters, like we are sharing something even though we’re so far away.

And so is my dog. Sporting #10 for Argentina. 

IMG_4583 IMG_4589

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Happy Birthday 2 Me

It hasn’t ever really felt right to call myself a fashion blogger. I still have so much to figure out about my body, I still have so much comfort to find. I also don’t know how to accessorize and there are so many people out there doing it so fucking well. My friend Una said it best recently; she said fashion was my entry point to talk about other things.

I liked that.

The other things like fat, race, gender, sexuality, class and yeah, outfits.

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